Executive Director's Report

By Gregg T. Atkins, CCL Executive Director

There is a boatload of activity right now – LSP implementation, Guided Pathways, accreditation visits, and probably 95 other things happening in your local campus world! – but take a moment to celebrate that 101 colleges have already paid this year’s CCL membership fee.

That’s amazing, gratifying, and a great sign that so, so many of you feel that CCL continues to earn your trust and be your voice. The Board, the officers, staff and liaison folks try to never lose sight of who we work for!

Not sure if your college might be one of the 13? You can check on the cclibrarians.org website by clicking on the Directory tab, and then opening Library Profiles. If the gold star is not there, check in with me via email. There could be a dozen reasons why the payment hasn’t been made! Or you might just need another copy of the invoice to jump start the payment – contact me and I can send you one by email. And, yes, checks do get lost in the mail, and Business Offices do lose track of invoices. Please let me know how I can help.

Gregg T. Atkins, CCL Executive Director