MiraCosta History & Heritage Month Online Displays

By Steven Deineh, MiraCosta College

During the fall 2018 semester, the MiraCosta Library had very successful collaborations with the campus Social Justice and Equity Center. Librarians created online digital displays of library collections for 5 different History & Heritage Months. Displays highlighting notable individuals, books & eBooks, and streaming films include: Latinx Chicanx Heritage Month, LGBTQIA+ History Month, Pilipinx American History Month, disABILITIES Awareness Month, and Native American Alaskan Heritage Month. The librarians working on these displays included Lalitha Nataraj, Judy Opdahl, Virginia Velati Tirona, Bobbie Xuereb, Steven Deineh, and Lauren McFall.

By Mario Valente, MiraCosta College

The MiraCosta College Library was also pleased to showcase two exhibits for November commemorating Veterans Day and National Gratitude Month:

  • The Veterans Day Exhibit highlights books and DVDs related to Veterans. Special thanks to MCC's Veterans Center for loaning us the American flags to make this exhibit visually compelling.
  • Composed of captivating quotations and information on the benefits of practicing gratitude, the National Gratitude Month Exhibit located on the library's first floor invites viewers to take pause and engage in the power of gratitude. It's a "Pay-It-Forward" themed exhibit showcasing the benefits of being grateful and incorporating more of that quality in our lives, especially during this month of Thanksgiving.