CCL-EAR Committee Report

Darryl Swarm (Feather River College): Committee Chair

The CCL-EAR Committee gathered for their Fall 2014 in-person meeting in Ontario, California. Eleven individuals are working hard on the ambitious shared e-book deselection project. They are following a coding scheme for deselection and have divided up the work to review approximately 2,500 titles each. One member found that, from the 2,500 she was reviewing, approximately 200 titles required closer examination and only 40 of those would likely meet the criteria of being potentially harmful to keep in the collection. The group hopes to have a refined list by December. Another group is working on the Science Databases Review (Access Science, Today’s Science, and Science in Context). A draft is expected sometime in November.  Other products in the review process include the Grove Dictionary of Art, Grove Dictionary of Music and Salem. A review of Lexis Nexis Academic is also at the beginning stages. The next meeting for the group will be a virtual teleconference meeting on November 14, 2014.

Please send suggestions for any electronic databases you would like the CCL-EAR Committee to consider to Darryl Swarm ( or to your regional representative (CCL-EAR Committee Roster) Reviews by the committee are available at