The Riverside City College Library Food Lounge Thrives

By Daniel Slota, Riverside City College

The Riverside City College Library surveyed students, asking them what we could do as a library to help them in their academic journey. One of the most popular requests on surveys was to add food and drink vending machines and allow students to eat in the library. We heard them loud and clear. In late 2022, we added 5 vending machines, 2 microwaves, and created a mixed seating area where students are not only allowed but encouraged to eat and drink in the library.  

RCC does have a full-service cafeteria that serves student during the day. However, because it closes at 5pm, students don't have on campus options to sit and eat in the evenings. Since the RCC Library is open longer hours than anywhere else on campus, having a food lounge helps to compliment the other food services on campus during their closed hours. 

The food lounge has proved to be very popular with students. In the mixed seating area, students take advantage of a host of opportunities including: a collection of board games that RCC Librarians maintain through donations, self-locking charging stations for cell phones and tablets, whiteboards where students can study collaboratively, and comfortable seating where students can enjoy the view from our building’s 3rd floor windows overlooking beautiful downtown Riverside, California.