Consortium Director's Report - April 2024

By Amy Beadle, Consortium Director

Hello and happy spring! After a seemingly never-ending January, the last couple of months have sped by so quickly that my head is still spinning.

Fiscal Year Renewals/New Resources

A few important important upcoming deadlines for your attention:

Date Deadline
 May 10 All Renewals Due/Invoices Sent
 May 15 - 20 Invoices Sent
 May 31 All NEW Resources Due/Invoices Sent

The default invoice date will be July 1, 2024, and those invoices will be generated and sent by May 17th unless you request something different prior to that. To request an alternative date, please email Marissa (

Please remember to use the drop-down options under “Billing Cycles” to request any invoice groupings. FYI, you MUST click the checkmark to have your selection entered. Invoices may not be changed after they are issued and the ONLY way for us to see your request is via the dropdown as shown below:

dropdown menu for billing cycles in Consortia Manager

Please also remember that if you are a Fiscal Year renewal for New York Times, you need to add either News Only or All Access as a new subscription as of July 1. There are no NYT “renewals” in the system due to our move to a direct agreement (no longer through Center for Research Libraries). Search “New York Times” under Publisher in the catalog and you should find the following options:

Consortia Manager search for "New York Times" in the catalog

JSTOR sent out some confusing messaging regarding ArtStor being absorbed into the JSTOR collection, but it only refers to the platform, not the content. So please renew ArtStor if you still want access to the content.


Last week, the CCLC Library Consortium co-hosted the ICOLC (International Coalition of Library Consortia) North American Meeting in Anaheim. We shared the hosting privilege with the CSUs, UCs and SCELC. There were 120 attendees representing the United States, Canada and eight European countries. Topics included AI, Succession Planning, Open Access, Equity-based Initiatives, Resource Sharing between Consortia and more. Our consortium took part in a panel discussion regarding Demonstrating Consortial Value. Many attendees were intrigued by the idea of advocacy and education, such as the League provides, as a way to provide value to our members.

ELUNA and eCAUG (so many acronyms, so little time!)

We’re excited that many of you are attending the upcoming ELUNA meeting in Minneapolis. Pawel and Trev will be there and are looking forward to all of the great sessions, as well as spending time with those of you who are also attending.

We’re really excited to announce another opportunity to come together with Ex Libris users - this time limited to our California colleges. ELUNA California Users Group (eCAUG) is planning another meet-up in Long Beach on October 24-25. I don’t know much more than the date/location, so keep an eye on the listservs for more details to come. FYI, I’m not 100% certain that I’m supposed to share the dates out yet, so mark your calendars, but keep it quiet for now. ;-)

Important Dates

And with that, get out and enjoy this fabulous weather! But first please make note of these important dates:

 Date  Event/Deadline
April 26  CCL Board Meeting (Online) 
May 1  Wednesday Webinar: CCL Professional Development presents AI and Libraries with Ray Pun, ALA President Elect, Librarian at Alder Graduate School of Education and Adjunct Instructor at Pasadena City College.
May 3   LSP Governance Committee Meeting (Online)
May 8 Final 2022-23 Wednesday Webinar: CCL/CCLC/LSP Year-end Review
May 8-17 Invoices Sent w/ a Default Date of July 1
May 10 FY 2024-25 Renewals Due
May 10   CCL-EAR Committee Meeting
May 13-17   Developers’ Day and Annual ELUNA Meeting (Minneapolis)
May 31   LSP Reimbursement Request Deadline
May 31   All NEW Resources Due/Invoices Sent
June 27-July 3   American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference (San Diego)
July 23-24 CCL Board Retreat (Orange Coast College)
July 24-25 LSP Governance Committee Retreat and Work Group Lead Meeting
(Orange Coast College)
September 4 Wednesday Webinar Resumes
October 24-25 eCAUG (Long Beach)