Need a Refresher on the Library Services Platform?

By Trevor Passage, Community College League of California

If you are a little fuzzy on what the LSP is, and how it relates to you, let’s have a brief synopsis. The Library Services Platform is a program brought to you in partnership between the Council of Chief Librarians, the Community College League of California, and the Chancellor’s Office.  The cost of each participating college’s library catalogs is covered by the state, freeing up resources for other important library expenditures.
Colleges control many aspects of their instance of Alma and Primo but, in cases where a system wide policy or procedure is required, the LSP Governance Committee will make determinations for the system as a whole. The Governance Committee is a Chancellor’s Office committee composed of members from LSP Work Groups, the Council of Chief Librarians, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and other stakeholders.
When making a policy for the system, the process will usually originate from one of the eight systemwide Work Groups (Analytics, Cataloging, Circulation, Discovery & User Experience, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-racism, & Accessibility, Electronic Resources Management, Instruction, Systems) making a proposal.  That proposal is then discussed and voted on at the Governance Committee.
What this means for you is that there are several places to reach out for support with your Alma and Primo instances. The different work groups all have support forms for asking questions around their particular topic, and you can always reach out to me.  If I do not know how to help you, I will find someone who does.