Skyline College

Dennis Wolbers will be retiring from Skyline College at the end of Spring 2017 semester. During his 24 year career at Skyline, Dennis has been an important asset to the library and the college. As a Reference and Instruction Librarian, he played a leadership role in establishing a graduation requirement in Information Literacy, which is a combination of research skills, critical thinking skills, and computer skills essential for academic success, effective functioning in the workplace, and participation in society as knowledgeable citizens.  In order to measure the effectiveness of the library’s Information Literacy instruction program, Dennis created and implemented the Skyline College Information Literacy Assessment Plan.  In another key role, Dennis served as the library’s Collection Development Coordinator, in which he guided the selection and management of the library’s books, periodicals, and online databases to ensure that these resources met the evolving information and education needs of Skyline students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.


Dennis has also been very active in participatory governance by serving on many college committees, including the Curriculum Committee (as chair and co-chair), the Academic Senate, the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee, the General Education Committee, and the Accreditation Steering Committee. The primary theme and overarching goal of Dennis’s career has been to support and encourage independent, lifelong learning and the intellectual growth of Skyline students.  In 2013, Dennis was honored with the Skyline Shines College Award in recognition of his efforts to support and enhance the teaching mission of the College.