Consortium Director’s Report

By Amy Beadle, Director

Hello and happy 2022!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and so Fiscal Year renewals are almost upon us. Please see the important dates noted below. We are still receiving pricing from many vendors, but beginning to publish received offers on Consortia Manager. As such, you may see some pricing available in your catalog, but you may not see all of it until the March 7th date listed below.

Please take a moment and look at your library’s Consortia Manager profile and confirm that the contacts are correct and current so you will receive timely information regarding renewals and new offers.

Important FY 2022-23 Resource Ordering Dates

•March 7 - Renewal and New Pricing Available on Consortia Manager

•March 30 - Wednesday Webinar - Consortia Manager Review

•May 6 - FY 2022-23 Renewal Deadline 

There has been interest in PressReader and we are in negotiations for an agreement. They will provide a demo during the February 23rd Wednesday Webinar and we will share out the negotiated pricing at that time. Please be sure to be there to check out this potential new resource.

We have several colleges that adopted Alma Digital as of January 1. We have confirmed that Ex Libris will maintain the discounted annual cost of $3,250 for colleges that adopt as of July 1. We’ll add a Wednesday Webinar later this spring and ask some of the colleges that are implementing to share their experience thus far.

Still nothing out of Washington about the Federal DEI Proposal. In theory, it should be considered by the Appropriations Committee this month, but it - along with all other submissions - seems to be stuck in a political quagmire. Hopefully more news will come on this sometime soon.

At the February 4th Governance Committee meeting, it was determined that efforts around additional technology procurement should commence as a priority. As such, look for a survey to be circulated in the coming weeks as the committee begins looking at software solutions to enhance and improve our current platform and operations. That said, we still do not have an approved Scope of Work/agreement with the Chancellor’s Office. We are hoping, however, that significant progress can be made in the next few weeks.

Hopefully you saw the notification regarding LSP reimbursements from the CCC Technology Center. We’ve received a lot of questions on this, so a few clarifications/thoughts:

•You’ll need to request reimbursement of ½ of your 2021 invoice and ½ of your 2022 invoice. (Since the contract/billing is on a calendar year, but the reimbursement is for FY 2021-22.)

•If you are in a multi-college institution and your District paid on your behalf for 2021, have the District submit a request for ½ of their 2021 invoice. Then the individual colleges will submit a request for ½ of their 2022 invoices.

•Please submit reimbursement requests as soon as possible. They have stated that it may take 60 days to receive reimbursement once the request is submitted and all requests must be received no later than May 31, 2022.

If you have additional questions, is the email provided by the Technology Center on their Library Services Platform Subscription Reimbursement webpage.

Upcoming Wednesday Webinars

•February 16 - ACRL/IPEDS 2022

•February 23 - Press Reader Demo

•March 2 - LSP Systems Work Group

•March 9 - Infobase Capstone Solutions

Discount Code for Computers in Libraries Conference

Announcement for Computers in Libraries 2022, March 29-31, 2022, Workshops Monday, March 28 and Friday, April 1, only $199
Computers in Libraries 2022

This year's program will be virtual. The full program can be accessed on the Computers in Libraries website. Register before February 25 without a code for $199. Use Discount code: CCL22 after that date to take advantage of the extended discounted price for Consortium members.

Current Vendor Specials

EBSCO Special Savings Offer for CCLC Member Libraries

In honor of Black History Month, EBSCO is offering a 40% discount for these perpetual access archive databases, when purchased by February 28th:

Jet Magazine Archive covers art, culture, entertainment and news for the black community. It includes 3,100+ issues from its first issue in 1951 through 2014. (To be released by the end of February)

Ebony Magazine Archive covers civil rights, education, entrepreneurship and other social topics with a focus on Black Americans. The archive includes more than 800 issues from its first issue in 1945 through 2014.

African American Historical Serials Collection is an archive of periodicals that document the history of African American religious life and culture between 1829 and 1922. It includes newspapers and magazines, as well as reports and annuals from African American religious organizations such as churches and social service agencies.

The discount price is $2,648 for each archive for orders submitted to CCLC by February 28th.  An annual maintenance fee of $128 starts a year after purchase.  For more information, please contact your EBSCO representatives:

•Northern California – Janeen Gieseke:  978-414-0405 or
•Southern California – Erik Kurth: 978-414-0527 or

New! ProQuest Black Studies Special Savings for CCLC Member Libraries 

Just launched during Black History Month, ProQuest Black Studies is new for CCLC libraries.  

Developed in collaboration with faculty, scholars and librarians, ProQuest Black Studies brings together ProQuest’s award-winning Black Studies content into one destination that can be used for research, teaching, and learning.

New, easy-to-use interface helps community college students and faculty find what they need. This database combines primary and secondary sources and the easy-to-use interface will enable students to find the resources they need, by topic pages, timelines, collection pages, and more. More information can be found within the ProQuest Black Studies brochure

For more information contact:

•Marcy Rothman:, 310-245-4735
•Karen Bosserman:, 805-234-4244