Fall 2014 Workshop Evaluation Report

Fall Workshop Evaluation Report – Jim Matthews, Chabot

CONNECTING LIBRARIES TO STUDENT SUCCESS INITIATIVES  Presented on Nov. 19th and Nov. 20th 2014 in Ontario and Walnut Creek California

Workshop documents: http://www.cclccc.org/documents/2014/Student-Success.docx


Open Educational Resources -- Cheryl Stewart

 3CSN – South, Debra Harrington

         - North, Christina Goff

 Student Equity – James Todd and Dan Crump

Participants Satisfaction Survey results

1)    I found the presentation on Open Educational Resources relevant to my work.

77.5% Agree or Strongly agree.

2)    I took away at least one idea to bring back to my library related to OER.

 71.8% Agree or Strongly agree.


3)    I found the presentation on 3CSN relevant to my work.

48.73% Agree or Strongly agree (28.21% somewhat agree and 20.23% disagree)


4)    I took away at least one idea to bring back to my library related to 3CSN.

42.5 Agree or Strongly agree (35 somewhat agree) 22% disagree


5)   I found the presentation on Student Equity relevant to my work.

92% Agree or Strongly Agree


6)    I took away at least one idea to bring back to my library related to Student Equity.

 82.5 Agree or strongly agree


As always, many comments concerned the ability  to network/talk to colleagues.

Other comments concerned the presentations, food and location.


Actual Comments:

Seeing former colleagues and meeting new people.

Getting together with colleagues, talking about ideas, listening to Dr. Todd (amazing job!) –

thank you all for putting on this important workshop.

This was such a great use of my time I learned much and feel up to tackling

the next semester with hope. Thanks!

The first two sessions were very good; collegiality, as always.

Collaboration and information about current issues specific to community college libraries.

All of the speakers were dynamic and full of good ideas. Also, always enjoy making

connections with other California community college librarians.

I always like my colleagues and hearing what they are doing.

Networking with other librarians from the area.

Learning more about Student Equity initiative

The last speaker. The idea of OER is very appealing and relevant.

The Student Equity presentation was very informative and energetic.

More informative than the ones done on my campus, which seemed like another

required mandate versus have a good reason for all the extra work.

Of course, getting to see everyone is great.

As far as the presentations, the Student Equity section.

opportunity to interact with other librarians

Opportunities to network with colleagues

The food was amazing! I have to say I liked the jicama salad and the free flow of coffee best.

Relevant topics, location, cost

I found the presentation on Student Equity to be the most informative in that

I was not familiar with the background to the plan.

networking and learning about new things

Getting to interact with other participants

Background information about the Equity program and how we can fit in the library part into it.

The first presentation was very strong and informative

The information and networking opportunities.

Both the 1st and 3rd presentation and the informal discussions with other librarians

Informative presentations

The Student Equity portion

equity presentation and the lunch was great.

I got some good ideas, but mostly from the Q&A from my peer librarians, not the presentations.

The OER presentation was right on the money, given BY a librarian FOR librarians.

The Student Equity presentation was the most relevant and also the best-presented

The first presenter (Student Equity) was pretty amazing and very informative

Up-to-date with the State initiatives on student success

OER was very interesting.