Community College Library Consortium

All of the orders have been placed with the vendors.

***Please remember to check your access on January 1, 2014 or when you return to campus after the winter break. ***

If you are unable to access your databases, the technical support number for each vendor is located on the right hand side of their page on the consortium website. Due to the complexity of your authentication methods, access issues should be directed to the vendor.


EBSCO has communicated the following regarding IP’s:

In an effort to provide the best possible response times for your EBSCO subscriptions and services, in January 2014 we are making adjustments to our technical infrastructure. To ensure your service is not interrupted, if you maintain an exception lists or configuration file for access, you will need to update the IP addresses associated with your EBSCO services. If your organization does not provide access to EBSCO resources with an exception list or configuration file, you may disregard this message.

Since there are several new additions, we are asking you to review the complete list of IPs in the IP Ranges and Specific IP addresses sections on our Support Site.

In addition, customers of SMART Imagebase will need to add an additional IP address: To ensure uninterrupted service you will want to retain all current IP addresses and ranges until 31 January 2014.  Customers who have not updated their system to reflect the entire list of IPs and ranges may find their end users unable to access EBSCO subscriptions and services after that date.


We are getting a lot of requests for copies of license agreements.  All of the agreements that we sign on your behalf are posted on the consortium website. They are located on each vendor’s page under Additional Information (right hand side)> Rights/Restrictions.  A few vendors require each college to sign their own license but we may have a generic version posted for your review.


The consortium rolled out our new procurement system this fall. The biggest issues were forgetting passwords and being unable to access invoices because of pop up blockers. We can’t see your existing password but we can reset it.  If your pop up blocker is on, the renewal form and invoice will not appear for printing. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the procurement system as we start to make some refinements. Email me at

Sarah Raley, Director