Executive Director's Report

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

As all the “countdowns” proceed 

  • countdown to the end of this part of the LSP project (whew!), or 
  • countdown to the end of the term (hello, summer adventure!), or
  • countdown to the finalization of a hiring process that will bring someone new onto the team (hurray!)

CCL is tracking its own countdown as the last few membership checks come in through the mail slot before colleges & districts stop for the year.

It has been a very good year, with 106 paid memberships to date.  And I know that a few more are on the way.  This may be the year that we hit the highest number ever!

Check on the CCL webpage under Directory/Library Profiles to be sure that your college has its star.  And if you don’t see one and think it should be there, contact me -- every year at least one check goes astray!  And if something didn’t happen at your end, contact me – I can get you another invoice right away!

Finally, WOW!  I was so surprised and pleased and honored to receive CCL’s Distinguished Service Award at the Deans and Directors Meeting!  I have had the rare privilege of being involved with CCL from the beginning – turns out that’s 34 years!  It never gets old, never gets dull, and I’m aiming to keep working and serving and contributing for several years to come.  Just know that this amazing recognition sure has added a big smile to my CCL efforts!

Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director