Library Technology

Social Media and the Coastline Library.  I (Elizabeth Horan) am a solo librarian in my second year at Coastline Community College.  The Coastline "Service Area Outcomes (SAO)" survey, given annually in the spring, showed there was a lack of awareness of the Coastline Library and it's services with our students.  With this knowledge (and statistic) I visited the marketing department at Coastline and asked for their help. What unfolded was an interesting use of social media as a passive reference tool. 

The Creative Commons Certificates program is designed to provide people the skills and expertise they need to implement and advocate for open licensing around the world. We are thrilled to have 50 remarkable people from nearly 20 countries in the beta cohort. The group includes: university librarians, Wikipedians, digital rights activists, educators from all levels, lawyers, and more. This diverse cohort with varying expertise will help us shape the CC Certificate program for its official launch later in 2018.

Feedback can be a valuable opportunity for a college to understand what students, faculty and staff find beneficial and what areas of the campus may require additional improvement. Feedback from individuals encountering web or information technology (IT) accessibility barriers can be critical in providing access in a timely manner and avoiding discrimination complaints.

A growing number of professors are replacing the traditional textbook with an openly licensed one, according to a survey released on Tuesday. But their overall numbers remain small — and widespread adoption of the practice could remain out of reach unless key barriers are overcome. Read more: