Cerro Coso College

Cerro Coso has two exciting new developments:


  1. Looking for ways to help ease the sting of high textbook expenses, Cerro Coso Librarian Sharlene Paxton led the charge to apply for a grant through the California College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015 (AB 798). The grant was accepted and now the librarians are working with faculty and administrators to adopt OERs for 22 courses across disciplines at the college to alleviate some of the economic burden textbooks present students. Contact Sharlene Paxton atSharlene.paxton@cerrocoso.edu for information.
  2. Cerro Coso librarians are also busy supporting our new inmate students. Cerro Coso has expanded course offerings to two local prisons: California City Correctional Facility and the Correctional Institution in  Tehachapi. With 19 sections being offered this spring semester, the librarians have their work cut out for them as they develop orientations and curate resources to support this unique population that lacks Internet access! Contact Julie Cornett for more information (or for input/ideas!) at jcornett@cerrocoso.edu