CCL Retirements: Sarah Raley from Consortium and Jim Matthews from the Board


Note how sad they are to be leaving these roles   ;-)

Sarah Raley joined the CCL - CCLeague Consortium in 2004.  She graduated from San Jose State University and received a Master in Library & Information Science.  Prior to joining the consortium she worked for a library vendor, as a college librarian and an educational technology trainer. During her time with the consortium the number of vendors has grown to include 42 vendors and libraries from California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Texas participate in the offers. During her time with the consortium, the Chancellor’s Office partnered with the Council of Chief Librarians to provide the California community college libraries a statewide purchase of a suite of databases. In retirement Sarah has plans for travel, time with her grandchildren, and many more books to read.


Jim Matthews is retiring from the CCL Board (not from Chabot College.

He joined the  CCL Board as the San Francisco/East Bay Representative in July 2004. He was also appointed the North Vice President and served in those 2 positions for 2 years. Jim was elected to be President of CCL  in  July 2006 and served as President until June 2011. He then served as immediate past president from July 2011-2013. Finally, the board appointed him as a At-Large Board Member where he has served in that position from July 2013 until April 2015. He also served as board treasurer for one year, 2014-15.

In Jim’s own words:

The biggest board highlight was the conversion to a nonprofit organization in 2012 that gave us so much more flexibility in serving our library community. However the biggest achievement while I was President was getting the State funding to replace our lost TTIP money and getting the Statewide databases instead.  That process took years to complete!

There are so many things that the board did in those years but some of them would include fighting to keep the Annual Data Survey and revising it twice; dealing with Student Learning Outcomes; and providing workshops on a range of topics from new technologies to library space to accreditation standards.

I enjoyed working with all of the board members that served and learned so much from all of them. They are a hard working group and helped the California Community College Libraries' serve our students  through some very hard  but exciting times.