Current Interests

The Current Interests Committee's role is to identify current themes/initiatives/topics critical to California community college libraries today and lead the development of content to share with the California community college library field.

Governance & Organization
Library Profiles

The CCL Directory includes profiles of all 115 California community college libraries. Each library has a designated editor assigned to maintain its library's profile. Contact Cynthia Orozco, CCL Communications Manager, with questions or to establish a new editor for your library.

Mailing Lists

CCL supports four mailings lists as avenues for communication between libraries. There is a list for all California community college librarians as well as lists geared towards specific constituencies, including deans and directors. Visit our Mailings Lists Information page for more information and to sign up.

The state Chancellor's Office also provides a mailing list for California community college librarians, CCC-LIB-LRC@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET, which you can join on the list homepage. The LSP Project has a dedicated general listserv as well as listservs for specific work areas that are available through (under LSP). Other relevant mailing lists include ALA's Community and Junior College Library Section (CJCLS) list and the California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL) list

Outlook Newsletter

The Outlook includes news, events, reports and updates relevant to the California community college library community. Contact Cynthia Orozco, CCL Communications Manager, to submit an item for an upcoming issue. The Outlook is published four times per year in September, December, February and April.