April Outlook Now Available

The April issue of the Outlook Newsletter is now available.

Over the past year CCL has intentionally sought to publish more original articles with practical applications for California’s community college librarians. We had a breakthrough issue in December that featured four in-depth articles and the February issue continued the trend with several more. Our latest issue might be my favorite yet and features the following in-depth articles that I’m sure you’ll appreciate:

But that’s not all! June Turner (Palo Verde) transformed her mailing list thread on accreditation into a useful resource page and Dan Crump (American River College) compiled info from past ASCCC Rostrums to shed light on how librarians are impacted by the 50% law, the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) and the 75:25 ratio.

Of course there are also a number of insightful reports and notable staffing updates. And in case you missed it in your podcast feed, you can hear me talk about our consortium’s 2013-16 ebook weeding project on ALA’s Dewey Decibel podcast.

This is the last issue of the Outlook this year and the next issue will be published in mid-September. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Please see our editorial guidelines for details.