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New Pricing/Offers Coming Soon (3/26/21) to Consortia Manager

The CCLC offer for Taylor and Francis for this spring is for their journal packages (library packages).
What’s a library package?
The Taylor & Francis libraries are large collections of research journals organized into 3 subject areas: Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH), Science & Technology (S&T), and Medical. These 3 libraries combine for a total of 2,191 journals! Each library provides the latest research in a variety of disciplines to meet the needs of a multitude of programs.

Please see the current offer for more information.

Technical Contact

Email: support@taylorandfrancis.com

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Additional Info

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Sales Contact

Paul Taylor
Journal Sales Executive, US Western Region
Tel: (215) 606-4196

Susan Sanders
Account Manager, Western Region
eBooks and Digital Content Sales
Taylor and Francis Group
Phone: (646) 379-4673
Email: susan.sanders@taylorandfrancis.com

† The offers and trials information are password protected. Actual prices are confidential between the vendor and the consortium.

For access contact Amy Beadle, Library Consortium Director, 916.800.2175.