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New Pricing/Offers Coming Soon (3/26/21) to Consortia Manager

Alexander Street Press, L.L.C. was founded in May 2000, with the goal of publishing large-scale digital collections of exceptional quality in the humanities and social sciences. From the beginning, we built products that contained quality in-copyright and previously unpublished material. We also indexed each database with our unique Semantic Indexing, which allowed scholars to search and analyze our materials as never before.
Some of the databases offered (others available on request):

Acaademic Video Online: Premium
Classical Scores Library Package
Music Online: Listening Package
Social Work Online
Counseling and Therapy in Video Library (Vol 1-5)

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Suzanne Barnes, MLIS
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ProQuest | CA, HI, NV, WY | 918 218 3067

† The offers and trials information are password protected. Actual prices are confidential between the vendor and the consortium.

For access contact Amy Beadle, Library Consortium Director, 916.800.2175.