Mailing List Information

The four lists used by the CCL/CCLC community are the following:

Open to all California Community College librarians, managers, and deans. To join this list, visit the following URL:!forum/cclibrarians-all/join
Open to California Community College leaders. To join this list, visit the following URL:!forum/cclibrarians-chiefs/join
Open to members of the CCL-EAR Committee.
Open to members of the CCL Board of Directors.

CCL mailing lists are administered via Google Groups. Here is a two-minute tutorial on configuring Google accounts to receive mailing list messages at your work email.

The state Chancellor's Office also provides a mailing list for California community college librarians, CCC-LIB-LRC@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET, which you can join on the list homepage. The LSP Project has a dedicated general listserv as well as listservs for specific work areas that are available through (under LSP). Other relevant mailing lists include ALA's Community and Junior College Library Section (CJCLS) list and the California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL) list.