California Community College Libraries and Guided Pathways: A Collaborative Workshop

April 25, 2018 - 12:00am
Ontario, CA
Spend an active day with your colleagues sharing, collaborating, and imagining the library’s role in Guided Pathways.
Together we will:
• Share ideas about how libraries are participating in planning for Guided Pathways
• Discuss models of library services at existing Guided Pathways colleges
• Strategize on ways to ensure an active role for libraries in curriculum development and support in the Guided Pathways framework
This workshop is hands-on, so participants will come prepared to:
• Discuss the current state of Guided Pathways at their college
• Identify a Guided Pathways-related project or activity at their library
• Contribute to a shared “Talking Points/White Paper” that outlines rationale for CCC Library involvement in Guided Pathways
Facilitator: Elizabeth Bowman

Breakfast at 8:30am
Program 9:00am to 3:00pm


Event Materials: Reflections and Action Planning from April 2018 Collaborative Workshops (Google Doc, PDF), including workshop agenda, slides and survey results.

Will Breitbach
(530) 242-7555