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Letter from the President

Letter from CCL President Doug Achterman

Library Services Platform Project Vendor Demonstrations

During the second week of April, the Library Services Platform Procurement and Selection Committee will meet in Sacramento to participate in vendor demonstrations.

Outlook, v. 28 no. 3 February is full of activities in support of the LSP initiative. For a complete rundown, see the “News & Events” section of the Council of Chief Librarians website (http://www.cclibrarians.org/news/library-services-platform).

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Outlook, v. 28 no. 2 Welcome to the first issue of the Outlook published on cclibrarians.org, the integrated website of the Council of Chief Librarians and the Community College League of California Consortium. We welcome your feedback on this new format for the Outlook as well as the website in general.

Brian Greene, 
Columbia College Librarian &
CCL Communications Manager

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Outlook, v. 28 no. 1 CCL has been busy these past months, devoting substantial energy to two statewide projects: the RFP and selection of a database vendor to provide a set of core databases for all California community colleges similar to what EBSCO provided over the past five years, and the creation of an RFP for a statewide purchase of a library services platform.