The purpose of the Council of Chief Librarians is to represent, promote and advance libraries in public California community college education; to provide a vehicle for communication, discussion and collaboration among chief librarians; to provide opportunities for professional development, training and leadership development for chief librarians and other academic librarians; and to support data collection, analysis and dissemination for the purpose of good public policy development.

Organization Chart
Organization Description
  1. Facilitate interaction among Community College library managers
    • Provide opportunities to network/share/compare
    • Conduct regional, annual and area meetings
    • Strengthen and improve channels of communication
    • Identify grants and other funding opportunities
  2. Facilitate cooperative purchases of resources, services, etc.
    • Maintain the electronic information resources purchasing program
    • Explore additional library services and products for cooperative purchasing
    • Support the activities of the CCL Electronic Access and Resources Committee (CCL EAR)
  3. Maintain and expand publications
    • Support the website, the Outlook, the Directory, the EAR-INFO listserv and the CCL listservs
    • Annual Data Survey
    • Develop topical surveys, assessment tools, position papers and special reports
  4. Identify, assess and respond to areas of special concern
    • Examples include Services to remote users, Services for Distance Learning, TTIP and “ Tech 4”, Impact of budget on library services, Library management, professional development, and leadership development
  5. Provide leadership and a forum for discussion and action
    • Information Literacy and Digital Literacy
    • Program review: patterns, models and plans for libraries
    • Accessibility / technologies for disabilities
    • Accreditation: libraries and the Student Learning Outcomes paradigm
    • Basic Skills
    • Explore & analyze open source opportunities for libraries
  6. Maintain involvement with CCC Chancellor’s Office and other state and national level organizations and activities
    • Library & Learning Resources Programs Advisory Committee (LLRPAC)
    • Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC)
    • Chief Instructional Officers (CCCCIO)
    • Consultation Council
    • Board of Governors (BOG)
    • Community College League of California (CC League)
    • Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC)
    • Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

    Adopted October 12, 2012 by the CCL Executive Board