• Monitor policy, regulatory, budgetary and organizational trends and developments that affect CCC libraries;
  • Provide information, analysis, and recommendations to the Board;
  • Keep CCL members informed about trends and developments, and to encourage and enable member participation in discourse and advocacy; and,
  • Identify groups and arenas in which CCL needs to have representation and participation.

Identifies, implements, maintains and assesses the effectiveness of both external and internal communication mechanisms used by the Council of Chief Librarians and associated committees.

The Electronic Access & Resources Committee

A standing committee of the Council of Chief Librarians, California Community Colleges (CCL), is charged to explore ways in which the resources of the community college libraries could be maximized through cooperative ventures for electronic resources, databases and information.

Leadership and Professional Development

The propose of the Committee is to plan profession and leadership development activities to CCL Board in support of librarians/library leaders across the state.