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Serials Solutions leverages its unified knowledgebase and technology to provide an integrated suite of e-resource access and management services. Their hosted services can be integrated, or purchased as standalone solutions, to provide the most effective research experience for library users and ease the management workload for librarians. Using Serials Solutions’ services at your library can help you achieve your goal of connecting people to information and being the best partner for research in the digital era.
Serials Solutions 360 Link OpenURL link resolver enables patrons to find and link to specific items anywhere in a library’s collection. Powered by Serials Solutions knowledgebase, 360 Link offers a variety of customization options that empowers librarians to define the local user experience.
Serials Solutions 360 MARC Updates enables both effective resource discovery and known-item linking within an OPAC. With 360 MARC Updates, patrons can use the OPAC’s powerful search functions to find specific journals and link to both print and electronic resources within a library’s collection.
Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager promotes effective management of e-resources through powerful tools that increase control, efficiency and value throughout the e-resource lifecycle. It enables greater control of the selection, acquisition, and usage of e-resources. 360 Resource Manager can also include a Data Migration Service and Resource Manager Consulting to meet your library’s specific needs.
Serials Solutions 360 Core is the original solution for managing and delivering access to e-resources. This entry-level e-resource access and management solution includes such features as the E-Journal Portal and Overlap Analysis. Using the Serials Solutions knowledgebase, AMS integrates with all other Serials Solutions services so librarians can expand e-resource access and management at their library.
Serials Solutions 360 Counter enables librarians to store and analyze COUNTER compliant statistics from multiple vendors and then combine that data with local cost and overlap data. 360 Counter will take full advantage of SUSHI, once that vendor statistics sharing protocol is finalized and available from content providers.
Summon: The Summon™ Web-Scale Discovery service from Serials Solutions provides a Google-like search for simple, easy, fast access to the full breadth of your library’s resources, including catalog records, institutional repository records, journal articles, newspaper articles, eBooks, and more.

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