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Nature, Scientific American, and the journals published by Nature Publishing Group (NPG) are ideal for Community Colleges that are looking to offer their students and faculty access to unique insights into historic and recent scientific and medical breakthroughs and technology advancements. For more than 165 years, these titles have been featuring articles by scientists, many of whom are Nobel Prize winners, top journalists, influential thinkers, and world leaders.

NPG has offered to the CCLC heavily discounted offers for the following four products:

1) Complete: provides unlimited access to all currently unsubscribed journal content on the platform (which includes more than 78 journals), including archived content back to the original dates of publication, at a heavily discounted annual price.

2)Nature: Nature is the most highly cited interdisciplinary science journal in the world, according to the 2013 Journal Citation Reports Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2014).

3) Scientific American: Scientific American is a landmark American popular science magazine. It has a long history of presenting scientific information on a monthly basis to the general educated public, with careful attention to the clarity of its text and the quality of its specially commissioned color graphics.

4) NPG Journal Archives: NPG has also offered CCLC schools the opportunity to purchase the perpetual rights of NPG titles at a discount.

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