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APA Style® CENTRAL combines sophisticated learning and teaching tools, writing and content processing technology, and full integration of APA's best-selling Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association®--designed to bring the style manual to life. It not only teaches APA Style, but also offers educational solutions to teach students to become better researchers, writers and scholars.

Benefiting students, instructors, researchers, and more, APA Style CENTRAL combines professional learning objects, instructional instruments, an unmatched collaborative writing environment, and expert guidance throughout to create an integrated suite of tools designed to enhance scholarly writing and research at every level.

APA does not allow CCLC to license to institutions outside of California.

Product Description:
APA Style® CENTRAL features four integrated but separate centers providing expert resources for every stage of the learning, research, writing, and publishing processes, while promoting optimal habits of scholarship and research.

LEARN - Provides users and instructors an array of quick guides, tutorials and other learning objects by which to learn and retain APA Style
RESEARCH - Provides an environment to learn the research process and includes tools for planning and tracking of the research process.
WRITE - Provides authoritative guidance for all types of scholarly writing in APA Style. Users will have access to templates for any type of APA Style paper and tools to manage and format their references.
PUBLISH - Users will be able to browse and search over 1800 journals in order to find the best potential journals for publication of their work.


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